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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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right now the oscars is all the talk. leo dicaprio finally wins - for his roll in the revenant. but just blocks away from all the glitz and glam... demonstrators protested the lack of diversity at the oscars 9news reporter tarhonda thomas will join us in 10 minutes to break down the big moments of the night... and tell you what people could be talking about this morning.
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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. on this marty joins us from the weather weekend was incredible... a family was inside...
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rolled over... sending several people to the hospital overnight. you can see the white suv lying on its site. a family member told 9news reporter noel brennan that seven kids were in the vehicle. this morning he's live near the crash site at bowles and pierce. noel, the youngest child is an infant.
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after police say her estranged
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her... now longmont police need your help to find him. police say richard a king soopers on saturday so he could deliver a she got into his he reportedly put and drove off. victim to his where he forced both women into a bedroom. both women are ok-- but police say they fear for their safety until they if you see him or --call police. sheriff corporal nate carriagn will be laid to rest on carrigan was killed
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while serving a high-risk eviction notice in bailey. the suspect was killed -- two other deputies were injured. services for corporal carrigan will be held at faith bible chapel in arvada. carrigan was a 13- year-veteran of the sheriff's office. he also coached baseball and football - at platte canyon high school. colorado is one of 11 states holding democratic caucuses or primaries tomorrow. other notable ones include texas, minnesota and virginia. the republican map is similar with a couple of exceptions. colorado's gop will hold caucuses tuesday but won't declare a statewide winner. the same goes for wyoming which has been holding caucuses for two weeks leading up to super tuesday. thousands of people waited in line for hours to see senator bernie sanders. he held a rally at moby arena in fort collins yesterday. around five- thousand people showed up... but there were still hundreds of empty seats.
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interview, sanders told 9news that while colorado is important, it's actually not a quote "must-win." during our our one-on-one... sanders said he would continue to fight to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level... and he would not enforce federal laws against legal pot. hillary clinton worked the crowds in tennessee yesterday... hoping to build momentum going into tuesay... according to a recent "n-b-c news - wall street journal/ marist poll"" clinton is leading sanders by nearly a two-to- one margin in tennessee, georgia and texas. on the republican side-- that same poll shows donald trump leading in georgia and tennessee. senator ted cruz is ahead in his home state of texas. most of the polls were done before last week's heated gop debate -- . pollsters re- interviewed about 30 percent of the likely gop voters after it .. most of them thought rubio
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a crook in aurora stole money from some girl scouts... but police stepped up to put smiles back on their faces. investigators belive a young man wearing a hoodie and a black and white bandana stole money while they were selling cookies this weekend. the guy is still on the run. police say when they heard about what happened -- the officers bought cookies and made donations. you can see officers standing with the girl scouts. the troop leader posted on facebook -- saying "aurora pd is the best. you guys brought tears to this troop leader's eyes." if you didn't stay up to watch the oscars... don't worry we have you covered. that's right... leo finally did it.. winning the oscar for his performance in the revenant. more on
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but first let's go to marty for another check of
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it was hollywood's biggest night.
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delivered lots of glamour... and serious conversation. i'm here in the information center with tarhonda thomas. tarhonda-- a lot of the social media chatter centered around diversity. yes, cheryl. it's no secret that lots of peopel were unhappy with the fact that there were no minority nominees in the acting categories. it's the second year in a row that there haven't been any black actors nominated for awards. and the oscars didn't ignore the "elephant in the room." right "off the bat"... chirs rock took on the controversy. he hosted the awards... joking that if "that" were a nominated position-- he
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gotten the gig. there was some uncomfortable laughter in the room at some points... but the oscars kept pointing to the fact that it's not a diverse awards show... ...even doing parodies of some of the nominated movies... inserting black characters. critics say-- the oscars did a good job playing up its own shortcomings... while trying to make a change. the oscars had plenty of other buzz too... just check your social media feed with "hashtag oscars," and see what comes up. we're betting you'll see a lot of "shout outs" to "this guy": leonardo decaprio. he finally won an oscar... after being
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arby's has a very special leap day promotion... but you'll have to
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that's what new chuck schumer believes, and he's fighting for the right of people to have a seat-size standard for commercial airlines. he wants the f-a-a the legroom on 35-inches.. but now the average is only 31-inches! schumer says he plans to introduce a seat-size guideline
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faa reauthorization act... it's pending in congress right now. a vote on the bill is expected to happen next month. if you go to arby's today... you may ask yourself... where's the meat! in addition to its regular menu... arby's is rolling out a one-day-only meatless menu! the special menu will only be available today -- on leap day. the dishes are basically -- regular arby's sandwiches ... without the meat. you now have more places to plug in and charge up at denver international airport. crews are installing more outlets in the concourses to allow more people to recharge a cell phone, tablet or computer. they are currently installing about 35 hundred power hubs on chairs. each of those power hubs has two outlets and two usb outlets, so by may, there will be more than 13 thousand, 5 hundred new places to charge up while you wait for your flight. dia tells us they
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million to install and upgrade the outlets on the concourses. we're experiencing one of the strongest el nino's ever recorded... right now nasa climate scientists strongest el nino's ever recorded... right now nasa climate scientists are keeping an eye on el nino from space -- they're also trying to figure out what happens next.
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scientists.. but what effect could it have on our weather here in colorado? for some answers. 9news reporter maya rodriguez turned to nasa climate scientists... they're keeping an eye on it all from space. more spring snow? a dry summer? they are all potential scenarios climate scientists say el nino could bring. "the thing to remember is that el nino is not over." the el nino phenomenon is a warming of the pacific waters . which can have an effect on weather patterns. nasa climate scientists have been tracking it through a series of satellite missions since the 1990s. "nasa studies these phenomena from space and we have this really amazing satellite called the jason missions, which tell us how tall the ocean is. and a lot of the signal, in terms of the el nino, is really captured by watching heat move around in the ocean and that's what these satellites measure with exceptional accuracy." the warming of the pacific waters began last year. as seen on the right.. this year's el nino is considered just as strong as the one measured in 1997 and 1998. seen on the left. but scientists are puzzled. unlike the one in the late 90s. the current el nino has not brought a lot of the added moisture it was expected to bring to parts of the west. "this year's has peaked so late in the year, we're still waiting for a lot of those rains." "so far, we haven't seen that a lot of it has been in drought and so if it remains dry, we could have a pretty scorching summer and a lot of fire danger in our future." yet.... el nino isn't the onlyffect colorado weal niber there are weather ic, push cold air warm air up from the say. don't count eldoes look like the nificantly me months and potentialfall." "this el nin as still there and it nasa said the curound through apri
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maybe even may. what happens will stick around through april. and
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what happens after that isn't clear. but they offered up two potential scenarios. it could change into a la nina. that's when waters get cooler in the pacific. or we could see another el nino emerge. they have seen back-to-back el ninos before. so there is precedent
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happy leap day! something fun to celebrate on a
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google really got into the spirit.... here's their doodle for the day... it's a little bunny with the number 29 on it... leaping between 28 and march first... the little guy wiggles around to make some room. pretty cute. today- only happens once every four years. leap day! we get an extra day in the month... and we want to know what you're doing with the extra time. share your plans for your extra day... using the hashtag be on 9.
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you can also score deals... baby, some pizza huts will give you a free one-topping personal pan pizza out. give you a free special menu and you can snag a free cooke at mcalister's. not a leap day baby -- don't worry... some krispy kreme shops are offering buy one dozen -- get a dozen original glazed doughnuts for 2-29. that's going to do
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noel brennan's been working to learn what happened... and how everyone is doing. and this is a live look at i-70 and vail in the mountains. it may not look like much is happening now - but snow is on its way. marty coniglio is tracking that snow - and the nice temperatures around the metro area. marty - we could see the 60s today!


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